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Provides methods for managing text markers.

The IVsTextMarker type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method DrawGlyph Draws a glyph in the widget margin given a display context and bounding rectangle.
Public method ExecMarkerCommand Executes a text marker command against a marker.
Public method GetBehavior Returns a text marker behavior set by the SetBehavior method.
Public method GetMarkerCommandInfo Returns text marker command information.
Public method GetPriorityIndex Returns the text marker priority index, with the highest value getting the topmost placement.
Public method GetTipText Returns the text to display in a tip for the marker type.
Public method GetType Returns a text marker type.
Public method GetVisualStyle Returns the visual style of a marker type.
Public method Invalidate Prevents a text marker from appearing in the user interface.
Public method SetBehavior Sets the behavior of a text marker.
Public method SetType Sets a text marker type.
Public method SetVisualStyle Sets the visual style of a marker type.
Public method UnadviseClient Unadvises the client, if there is one.


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