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Represents a host for contained languages.

The IVsContainedLanguageHost type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Advise Enables a client to receive messages from the source text.
Public method CanReformatCode Determines if code reformatting is currently allowed.
Public method EnsureSecondaryBufferReady
Public method EnsureSpanVisible Ensures that span in the primary buffer is visible.
Public method GetErrorProviderInformation Retrieves information about the error provider.
Public method GetLineIndent Provides information on the base indent level and indent settings.
Public method GetNearestVisibleToken Returns the language token that is nearest the requested line.
Public method GetVSHierarchy Returns the hierarchy that contains the file displayed in the primary buffer.
Public method InsertControl Sends a request to insert markup.
Public method InsertImportsDirective Inserts a markup tag that imports the specified namespace.
Public method InsertReference Adds an assembly that is currently in the global assembly cache (GAC).
Public method OnContainedLanguageEditorSettingsChange Called to notify the host when the contained language changes its Fonts and Colors settings.
Public method OnRenamed Called to notify the editor that a name has been changed.
Public method QueryEditFile Determines if the secondary buffer can be modified.
Public method Unadvise Called by a client that is no longer interested in receiving notifications from the editor.


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