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Used to create and display a completor window

The IVsIntellisenseCompletor type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Exec (Inherited from IOleCommandTarget.)
Public method Exec(Guid%, UInt32, UInt32, Object%, Object%)
Public method GetCompletionSpan Returns the completor span.
Public method GetHeight Gets the height of the IntelliSense completor.
Public method GetWidth Gets the completor width.
Public method GetWindowHandle
Public method Hide Hides the IntelliSense completor.
Public method Initialize Initializes the IntelliSense completor.
Public method IsActive
Public method QueryStatus (Inherited from IOleCommandTarget.)
Public method QueryStatus(Guid%, UInt32, array<OLECMD[], array<OLECMDTEXT[])
Public method SetLocation Sets the completor location.
Public method Update Updates the IntelliSense completor.


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