Deprecated Analysis Services Features in SQL Server 2016

A deprecated feature is a feature will be cut from the product in a future release, but is still supported and included in the current release to maintain backward compatibility. Typically, a deprecated feature is removed in a major release, often within two releases of the original announcement. For example, deprecated features announced in SQL Server 2012 are likely to be unsupported by SQL Server 2017.

Not supported in the next major release of SQL Server

Category Feature
Multidimensional Remote partitions
Multidimensional Remote linked measure groups
Multidimensional Dimensional writeback
Multidimensional Linked dimensions

Not supported in a future release of SQL Server

Category Feature
Multidimensional SQL Server table notifications for proactive caching.
The replacement is to use polling for proactive caching.
See Proactive Caching (Dimensions) and Proactive Caching (Partitions).
Multidimensional Session cubes. There is no replacement.
Multidimensional Local cubes. There is no replacement.
Tabular Tabular model 1100 and 1103 compatibility levels will not be supported in a future release. The replacement is to set models at compatibility level 1200 or higher, converting model definitions to tabular metadata. See Compatibility Level for Tabular models in Analysis Services.
Tools SQL Server Profiler for Trace Capture

The replacement is to use Extended Events Profiler embedded in SQL Server Management Studio.
See Monitor Analysis Services with SQL Server Extended Events.
Tools Server Profiler for Trace Replay
Replacement. There is no replacement.
Trace Management Objects and Trace APIs Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Trace objects (contains the APIs for Analysis Services Trace and Replay objects). The replacement is multi-part:

- Trace Configuration: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.XEvent
- Trace Reading: Microsoft.SqlServer.XEvent.Linq
- Trace Replay: None

Previously deprecated feature announcements from SQL Server 2014 remain in effect. Because the code supporting those features has not yet been cut from the product, many of these features are still present in this release. While previously deprecated features might be accessible, they are still considered deprecated and could be physically removed from the product at any point during the SQL Server 2017 release. We strongly recommend that you avoid using deprecated features in any new models or applications based on Analysis Services in SQL Server 2017.

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