AutomationPeer.GetControlledPeers AutomationPeer.GetControlledPeers AutomationPeer.GetControlledPeers AutomationPeer.GetControlledPeers Method


Provides the peer's behavior when a Microsoft UI Automation client calls GetControlledPeers or an equivalent Microsoft UI Automation client API such as getting a property value as identified by UIA_ControllerForPropertyId.

public : IVectorView<AutomationPeer> GetControlledPeers()
IVectorView<AutomationPeer> GetControlledPeers() const;
public IReadOnlyList<AutomationPeer> GetControlledPeers()
Public Function GetControlledPeers() As IReadOnlyList<AutomationPeer>(Of AutomationPeer)


IReadOnlyList<AutomationPeer> IReadOnlyList<AutomationPeer>

A list of the controlled peers for the current automation peer.


Examining controlled peers is an advanced scenario that most peer implementations won't need to use.

The naming of the framework implementation and the Microsoft UI Automation property that clients can use to access this info are slightly different. Microsoft UI Automation clients should use the identifier UIA_ControllerForPropertyId to request the value of this property when using the Microsoft UI Automation client interfaces such as IUIAutomation.