AutomationPeer.GetLocalizedControlTypeCore AutomationPeer.GetLocalizedControlTypeCore AutomationPeer.GetLocalizedControlTypeCore AutomationPeer.GetLocalizedControlTypeCore Method


Provides the peer's behavior when a Microsoft UI Automation client calls GetLocalizedControlType or an equivalent Microsoft UI Automation client API.

protected : virtual Platform::String GetLocalizedControlTypeCore()
virtual winrt::hstring GetLocalizedControlTypeCore() const;
protected virtual string GetLocalizedControlTypeCore()
Protected Overridable Function GetLocalizedControlTypeCore() As string


string string

The type of the control, as a string that is localized to be suitable for direct presentation to users by assistive technology.


This method is very rarely overridden by peers. So long as you provide a value for GetAutomationControlTypeCore, all the enumerated constant names from AutomationControlType are already available in localized form to Microsoft UI Automation clients. The necessary translated strings are part of the Microsoft UI Automation support in every Microsoft Windows client. However, if you specify Custom as the control type, you must support a localized control type string that represents the role of the element (for example, "color picker" for a custom control that enables users to choose and specify colors).

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