Application (Preview)

Commands to install AppSource applications into your environment.


Parameter Name Description Example
list Lists all the Dataverse applications available to install from AppSource.
  • environment-id: List the applications for a specific environment. If not specified, will list applications available for the tenant.
  • output: Location of the JSON file to be created with the list of applications from AppSource. This is useful if multiple applications need to be installed.
pac application list --output c:\home\applicationslist.json
install Installs the application or applications to the given environment.
  • environment-id: Target environment where the application will be installed.
  • application-name: Unique name of the application to be installed.
  • application-list: Location of the JSON file with the list of applications to be installed. The application-name and application-list parameters shouldn't be used together.
pac application install --environment-id 9755b2cd-ce02-4e82-9d3f-9e61384c5382 --application-list c:\home\applicationslist.json

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