Introduction to 3D Graphics with MonoGame

MonoGame offers a flexible, efficient API for displaying real-time 3D graphics. It includes higher-level constructs for rendering and also access to lower-level graphics resources.

The MonoGame API provides an extensive set of classes for developing 3D games and applications. It enables direct access to the hardware for maximum performance while maintaining an identical syntax across various platforms.

MonoGame is nearly identical to Microsoft’s XNA, so developers experienced with XNA will find MonoGame development familiar. Developers who have not used XNA, but have used DirectX or OpenGL for 3D games, will find many of the classes and concepts familiar as well.

The first section covers how to add a 3D model to your game from an .fbx file. The next section discusses how to create a 3D camera which includes common controls, such as moving and looking around. The last section takes a deeper dive into the VertexBuffer class which allows for more control over 3D rendering compared to rendering models loaded from .fbx files.