Sign up for Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription

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Follow these steps to sign up for Microsoft 365 Business Premium (previously called Microsoft 365 Business):

  1. To sign up for Microsoft 365 Business Premium, search for it online, and select it.
  2. Choose For business , and then Buy now.
  3. Enter your personal email address, select Next , and then Set up account.
  4. Enter your name, phone number, and company name. If you'd like help from a Microsoft partner, check the box next to I would like Microsoft to share my information. Select Next.
  5. To verify your phone number, select Send verification code. Enter the code you received on your phone, and select Verify.
  6. If you already have a domain, choose Get a Microsoft domain for now, and enter your company name. This becomes your temporary email address. It also becomes a part of your permanent SharePoint and OneDrive URLs. Select Check availability , and then Next.
  7. Enter your username, a password, confirm your password, and then select Sign up to create your account.
  8. Enter the number of users, choose a billing plan, and then select Next.
  9. Enter your company's address, and then Next.
  10. Enter your credit card information, and then Place order. After a few moments, your account will be created.
  11. At this point you can select Continue to set up account , or you can sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center and complete setup later.