Support policy for Windows Virtual Desktop and Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session

This article describes the support policy for Windows Virtual Desktop and Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session.

Original product version:   Windows 10 - all editions
Original KB number:   4491323


Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is now generally available. WVD is a managed desktop and application virtualization service that's hosted on Microsoft Azure. WVD helps deliver the best virtual desktop experience by providing remote access to modern desktop and applications from any device. Combined with Microsoft 365 and Azure, it offers users a multi-session Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise environment. Windows Virtual Desktop offers users a more secure computing experience that has improved scalability and reduced IT costs.

Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session

Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session provides multi-session functionality exclusively for Windows Virtual Desktop.

Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session is tested, optimized for, and supported exclusively on Azure. Microsoft does not support Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session on non-Azure deployments (for example, on-premises deployments).

For more information about Windows Virtual Desktop and Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, see Windows Virtual Desktop.