View Custom Events and Track User Analytics

If you haven't already, first follow the getting started tutorial to set up the sample app.

Open the app and view user analytics

  1. Navigate to the app repository in your local machine and open the app module in Android Studio.

  2. Click Run > Run 'app' from the toolbar. Create a new virtual device of your choice if one isn't available to you already, select it, and open the app in the Android Emulator.

  3. Go to the Analytics service in App Center.

Once the app runs on any device or simulator, you should start seeing users, session, and other information on the Overview page.

Send and view custom events

  1. Swipe over to the Analytics page in the Android Emulator in Android Studio.

  2. In the sample app, press the Send a sample event button.

  3. In the sample app, press the Send event with color property button. Choose a color.

  4. Navigate to the Analytics service in App Center and go to the Events section.

  5. You should see data for both the sample and color event buttons. Click on the color event to see that the color you chose has been pressed at least once.

In App Center, you can view detailed analytics about both buttons by clicking on the events, and even see how many people chose each color.