CurrentAppSimulator.GetAppPurchaseCampaignIdAsync Method


Retrieves the promotion campaign ID for the current app.

 static IAsyncOperation<Platform::String ^> ^ GetAppPurchaseCampaignIdAsync();
/// [Windows.Foundation.Metadata.RemoteAsync]
 static IAsyncOperation<winrt::hstring> GetAppPurchaseCampaignIdAsync();
public static IAsyncOperation<string> GetAppPurchaseCampaignIdAsync();
function getAppPurchaseCampaignIdAsync()
Public Shared Function GetAppPurchaseCampaignIdAsync () As IAsyncOperation(Of String)



The advertising campaign ID for your app.



Starting in Windows 10, you can seed the installation URL for your app with an ID that represents a custom promotion campaign. This enables you to publicize the installation URL in different locations and use the campaign ID to determine which location the customer clicked on the installation URL. Use the GetAppPurchaseCampaignIdAsync method to retrieve the campaign ID for the current app. For more information about custom app promotion campaigns, see Create a custom app promotion campaign.

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