StoreContext.GetAppLicenseAsync Method


Gets license info for the current app, including licenses for add-ons for the current app.

 virtual IAsyncOperation<StoreAppLicense ^> ^ GetAppLicenseAsync() = GetAppLicenseAsync;
/// [Windows.Foundation.Metadata.RemoteAsync]
IAsyncOperation<StoreAppLicense> GetAppLicenseAsync();
public IAsyncOperation<StoreAppLicense> GetAppLicenseAsync();
function getAppLicenseAsync()
Public Function GetAppLicenseAsync () As IAsyncOperation(Of StoreAppLicense)



An asynchronous operation that, on successful completion, returns a StoreAppLicense object that contains license info for the current app, including add-on licenses.



The StoreAppLicense object returned by this method provides access to licenses for add-ons and other info, such as whether the license is active. If this method is called while the device is offline, it returns the cached value of the current licenses on the device. The OfflineLicensesChanged event is raised when the status of the app's license changes.

For more information about using this method, including code examples, see Get license info for apps and add-ons and Implement a trial version of your app.

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