My organization

You can view leader insights in My organization within the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams. As a business leader, these insights give you a snapshot of how your company is doing. The insights include company-wide outcomes and leading indicators for each outcome, which help you see why it's important to pay attention to that outcome:

My organization page.

While you can also see these outcomes and their related best practices in the advanced insights app, it's advantageous to find them in Teams. That's because you're already using Teams for communicating during remote work, namely for meeting, for sharing files, and for sending IMs to employees and other leaders.

Data privacy

For information about data privacy and GDPR compliance in the Viva Insights app, see Privacy and data protection.

Admin tasks

For access to My organization, your admin must assign you the role of Analyst (Limited) for the advanced insights app. Refer your admin to Assign roles for details.

Ask your admin also needs to install and set up the Viva Insights app in Teams for the organization. See Admin tasks for details.

Install, pin, and configure the app

After your admin completes the Admin tasks, your setup for My organization is the same as for Personal insights in the Viva Insights app. See the following to install, pin, and configure the app in Teams:


You can also locate the Viva Insights app at

View My organization

  1. On the Teams app bar (left navigation), select Insights.

  2. On the Viva Insights Home page, the card in the upper right shows a random insight from one of the My organization outcomes.

  3. To learn more about the insight, select the Explore more.

    Insights Home page.

    You can also use any of the other features on this page, such as Reflect, Praise, Stay connected, and Protect time. For more information about these features, see Viva Insights Home.

  4. In the Viva Insights menu, select My organization to see the top recommendations and some of the top insights.

  5. You can inspect the outcomes and the statistics that they show to see if any red flags might need your attention.


To investigate more about an outcome, select it to see more details.


To provide feedback as you use Viva Insights, select Yes or No for the "Is this helpful" question near the end of every insight and every page.