SoH structure (naptypes.h)

Note  The Network Access Protection platform is not available starting with Windows 10
The SoH structure contains the Statement of Health (SoH) data.


typedef struct tagSoH {
  UINT16       count;
  SoHAttribute *attributes;
} SoH, SoHRequest, SoHResponse;



The number of attributes contained in the SoH as a number between 0 (zero) and maxSoHAttributeCount.


An array of SoHAttribute structures that contain the collection of attributes defined by this SoH.


SoH packets are collections of attributes, stored as type-length-value objects (TLVs). The attribute type is specified by SoHAttributeType, and the attribute value is specified by SoHAttributeValue. The TLVs are ordered such that certain TLVs (such as the sohAttributeTypeSystemHealthId TLV or the sohAttributeTypeHealthClass TLV) separate groups or sub-groups of TLVs.

The sohAttributeTypeSystemHealthId TLV must be the first TLV in both SoHRequest and SoHResponse packets. A SoHResponse packet can have at most one sohAttributeTypeIpv4FixupServers or sohAttributeTypeIpv6FixupServers TLV.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]
Header naptypes.h

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