Azure marketplace items available for Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack supports the following Azure marketplace items:

Item name Description Publisher
Docker Docker Extension for Linux Virtual Machines. Microsoft
R Server Only SQL Server 2016 Enterprise R Server Only SQL Server 2016 Enterprise. Microsoft
SharePoint Server 2013 Trial Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Trial on Windows Server 2012 Datacenter and Visual Studio 2017 community edition. Microsoft
SharePoint Server 2016 Trial Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Trial on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. Microsoft
SQL Server 2016 SP1 Developer on Windows Server 2016 Developer version of SQL Server 2016 SP1 for transactional, data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics workloads. Microsoft
SQL Server 2016 SP1 Express on Windows Server 2016 Express version of SQL Server 2016 SP1 Microsoft
SQL Server 2016 SP1 Enterprise on Windows Server 2016 Database platform for intelligent, mission-critical applications. Microsoft
ActiveMQ Open Source message broker in Java. Bitnami
Akeneo Powerful PIM designed to simplify management processes. Bitnami
Alfresco Community ECM system for easy document management. Bitnami
Apache Solr Reliable Open Source enterprise search platform. Bitnami
Canvas LMS Open Source learning management system. Bitnami
Cassandra Scalable Open Source database with high availability. Bitnami
CiviCRM Simple web-based relationship management system. Bitnami
CMS Made Simple Fast and easy way to create and manage a website. Bitnami
Codiad Open Source Cloud IDE with minimal footprint. Bitnami
Concrete5 Easily deploy web applications, websites, stores and forums. Bitnami
Coppermine Multi-purpose, fully featured web gallery. Bitnami
CouchDB Easy-to-use Open Source database system. Bitnami
Diaspora Popular personal web server. Bitnami
Discourse High-resolution Open Source discussion platform. Bitnami
Django High-level Python Web framework. Bitnami
Dolibarr Free Open Source Software Package. Bitnami
DokuWiki Versatile open source wiki software. Bitnami
DreamFactory Open Source REST API with services such as SQL, NoSQL, and BLOB. Bitnami
Drupal Popular, easy-to-use content management platform. Bitnami
Elasticsearch Flexible and powerful open source analytics engine. Bitnami
ELK Big data suite consisting of Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash. Bitnami
ERPNext Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. Bitnami
EspoCRM Simple CRM system that helps manage customer relationships. Bitnami
eXo Platform Open Source, social software designed for enterprises. Bitnami
Fat Free CRM Open Source Ruby on Rails-based CRM. Bitnami
GitLab Community Edition Fast, secure Git management software. Bitnami
Ghost A platform dedicated to publishing. Bitnami
Hadoop Framework for reliable, scalable, and distributed computing. Bitnami
HHVM Fully-integrated and ready-to-run development environment. Bitnami
Horde Groupware Webmail Free, enterprise ready, browser-based communication suite. Bitnami
JasperReports Stand-alone and embeddable reporting server. Bitnami
Jenkins Integration server supporting SCM tools: CVS, Subversion, and Git. Bitnami
Joomla! User-friendly CMS for easy website builds. Bitnami
JRuby High-performance Java implementation of Ruby. Bitnami
Kafka Powerful distributed publish-subscribe messaging system. Bitnami
LAMP Fully integrated and ready to run development environment. Bitnami
LAPP Complete PHP, PostgreSQL and Apache development environment. Bitnami
Let's Chat Open Source persistent messaging application. Bitnami
LimeSurvey Question-and-answer poll management system. Bitnami
Live Helper Chat Open Source live chat support. Bitnami
Mahara Popular Open Source ePortfolio and social networking web app. Bitnami
Magento Popular eCommerce software and platform. Bitnami
Mantis Advanced bug-tracking system. Bitnami
Mattermost Team Edition Open source workplace messaging solution. Bitnami
Mautic Open Source, enterprise marketing automation platform. Bitnami
MEAN Popular development environment for mongoDB and Node.js. Bitnami
MediaWiki Extremely powerful, scalable wiki implementation. Bitnami
Memcached High-performance, distributed memory object caching system. Bitnami
MODX Intuitive Web CMS. Bitnami
MongoDB High-performance Open Source NoSQL database written in C++. Bitnami
Moodle Effective CMS designed for online learning communities. Bitnami
Multicraft Minecraft server hosting solution and control panel. Bitnami
MyBB Free and Open Source Forum Software. Bitnami
MySQL The most popular database system. Bitnami
Nginx A complete PHP, MySQL, and Nginx development environment. Bitnami
node.js Open Source environment written in Javascript for easy building. Bitnami
Odoo ERP and CRM system that effectively connects business processes. Bitnami
Open Atrium Flexible, multi-faceted Intranet platform. Bitnami
OpenCart Free e-commerce platform for online merchants. Bitnami
OpenFire Open Source real time collaboration server with XMPP. Bitnami
OpenProject Popular open source project management software. Bitnami
OrangeHRM HR management system with a wealth of modules. Bitnami
OroCRM Flexible open source CRM application. Bitnami
ownCloud Popular open source file sync and share solution. Bitnami
OXID eShop Trusted open source e-commerce system. Bitnami
Parse Server Open source application development platform. Bitnami
phpBB Customizable bulletin board solution. Bitnami
phpList One-way email announcement delivery system. Bitnami
Piwik Real-time web analytics software program. Bitnami
Plone Free open source virtual appliance. Bitnami
PostgreSQL Highly advanced open source database. Bitnami
PrestaShop Open Source e-commerce website builder. Bitnami
Process Maker Community Edition Business Process Management and workflow automation platform. Bitnami
ProcessWire Popular PHP5 Open Source CMS. Bitnami
RabbitMQ Efficient messaging broker offering a common platform. Bitnami
Re:dash Open Source Data Visualization and Collaboration Platform. Bitnami
Redis Powerful Open Source key-value store. Bitnami
Redmine Powerful project management web app Bitnami
Redmine+Agile Project management application preconfigured with Agile plugin. Bitnami
ReportServer Community Open Source business intelligence platform. Bitnami
ReportServer Enterprise Enterprise business intelligence platform. Bitnami
ResourceSpace Digital asset management system for improved collaboration. Bitnami
Roundcube Browser-based IMAP client with fuctinality such as MIME support. Bitnami
Ruby Easy-to-use development environment for Ruby on Rails. Bitnami
SEO Panel Open Source SEO management application for tracking multiple web. Bitnami
Shopware Open Source eCommerce Platform. Bitnami
Simple Machines Forum Simple forum software to build your own online community. Bitnami
Spree Easy-to-use ecommerce platform. Bitnami
Subversion Open Source version control system. Bitnami
SugarCRM Flexible customer relationship management solution. Bitnami
SuiteCRM Popular Enterprise-grade CRM application. Bitnami
TestLink Test management software facilitating qualilty assurance. Bitnami
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Fully-featured wiki platform. Bitnami
Tomcat Popular platform implementing specifications from Java Community. Bitnami
Trac Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system. Bitnami
Typo3 Fully flexible CMS. Bitnami
Weblate Web-based translation management system. Bitnami
WebMail Pro PHP Webmail system with enterprise features. Bitnami
WildFly Application Server that includes Apache, WildFly, MySQL, and Java. Bitnami
WordPress The most popular and ready-to-go CMS. Bitnami
X2Engine Sales CRM Compact marketing, sales, and customer service application. Bitnami
Zurmo Open Source CRM system: Mobile, Social, and Gamified. Bitnami
Debian 8 "Jessie" with backports kernel Debian GNU/Linux is one of the most popular Linux distributions. credativ
LoadMaster Load Balancer ADC Content Switch Layer 4-7 Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Load Balancer, Content Switch, and Traffic Manager. KEMP Technologies Inc.
CentOS-based 6.9 This distribution of Linux is based on CentOS and is provided by Rogue Wave Software. Rogue Wave Software (formerly OpenLogic)
CentOS-based 7.3 This distribution of Linux is based on CentOS and is provided by Rogue Wave Software. Rogue Wave Software (formerly OpenLogic)
SUSE Manager 3.0 Proxy (BYOS) Best-in-class open source infrastructure management. SUSE

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