AssemblyReferenceType AssemblyReferenceType AssemblyReferenceType AssemblyReferenceType Enum


Questa classe rappresenta il tipo di un riferimento a un assembly.This class represents the type of an assembly reference.

public enum class AssemblyReferenceType
public enum AssemblyReferenceType
type AssemblyReferenceType = 
Public Enum AssemblyReferenceType


ClickOnceManifest ClickOnceManifest ClickOnceManifest ClickOnceManifest 1

Specifica un manifesto ClickOnce.Specifies a ClickOnce manifest.

ManagedAssembly ManagedAssembly ManagedAssembly ManagedAssembly 2

Specifica un assembly .NET FrameworkSpecifies a .NET Framework assembly.

NativeAssembly NativeAssembly NativeAssembly NativeAssembly 3

Specifica un assembly nativo Win32.Specifies a Win32 native assembly.

Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified 0

Il tipo di assembly non è specificato e verrà determinato dal metodo UpdateFileInfo().Assembly type is unspecified and will be determined by the UpdateFileInfo() method.

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