BinaryOperatorKind BinaryOperatorKind BinaryOperatorKind Enum


Enumeration of binary operators.

public enum BinaryOperatorKind
type BinaryOperatorKind = 
Public Enum BinaryOperatorKind


Add Add Add 8

The add operator.

And And And 1

The logical and operator.

Divide Divide Divide 11

The div operator.

Equal Equal Equal 2

The eq operator.

GreaterThan GreaterThan GreaterThan 4

The gt operator.

GreaterThanOrEqual GreaterThanOrEqual GreaterThanOrEqual 5

The ge operator.

LessThan LessThan LessThan 6

The lt operator.

LessThanOrEqual LessThanOrEqual LessThanOrEqual 7

The le operator.

Modulo Modulo Modulo 12

The mod operator.

Multiply Multiply Multiply 10

The mul operator.

NotEqual NotEqual NotEqual 3

The ne operator.

Or Or Or 0

The logical or operator.

Subtract Subtract Subtract 9

The sub operator.

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