ConcurrentDictionary<TKey,TValue>.ICollection<KeyValuePair<TKey,TValue>>.IsReadOnly Proprietà


Ottiene un valore che indica se ICollection è di sola lettura.Gets a value that indicates whether the ICollection is read-only.

property bool System::Collections::Generic::ICollection<System::Collections::Generic::KeyValuePair<TKey,TValue>>::IsReadOnly { bool get(); };
bool System.Collections.Generic.ICollection<System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair<TKey,TValue>>.IsReadOnly { get; }
 ReadOnly Property IsReadOnly As Boolean Implements ICollection(Of KeyValuePair(Of TKey, TValue)).IsReadOnly

Valore della proprietà

true se ICollection è di sola lettura; in caso contrario, false.true if the ICollection is read-only; otherwise, false.


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