WaitForChangedResult Struct


Contiene informazioni sulle modifiche effettuate.Contains information on the change that occurred.

public value class WaitForChangedResult
public struct WaitForChangedResult
type WaitForChangedResult = struct
Public Structure WaitForChangedResult


Questo esempio illustra come usare un FileSystemWatcher in modo sincrono attendendo che venga eseguita una notifica di modifica del file specifica.This example shows how to use a FileSystemWatcher synchronously by having it wait for a specific file change notification to occur.

Imports System.IO

Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        ' Define a path and a file name for a temporary file.
        Dim pathname As String = "C:\"
        Dim filename As String = "JunkFile.tmp"
        Dim filepathname As String = Path.Combine(pathname, filename)

        ' Create the temporary file and then close it.

        Console.WriteLine("This application will terminate when you delete the {0} file", filepathname)

        ' Have a FileSystemWatcher monitor the path and file for changes.
        Dim fsw As New FileSystemWatcher(pathname, filename)
        fsw.NotifyFilter = NotifyFilters.FileName
        fsw.EnableRaisingEvents = True

        ' Suspend the calling thread until the file has been deleted.
        Dim cr As IO.WaitForChangedResult = fsw.WaitForChanged(WatcherChangeTypes.Deleted)

        ' Tell the user the file is deleted and exit.
        Console.WriteLine("The {0} files is deleted; program is exiting", cr.Name)
    End Sub
End Module

' This code produces the following output.
'  This application will terminate when you delete the C:\JunkFile.tmp file
'  The JunkFile.tmp files is deleted; program is exiting



Ottiene o imposta il tipo di modifica apportata.Gets or sets the type of change that occurred.


Ottiene o imposta il nome del file o della directory modificata.Gets or sets the name of the file or directory that changed.


Ottiene o imposta il nome originale del file o della directory rinominata.Gets or sets the original name of the file or directory that was renamed.


Ottiene o imposta un valore che indica se si è verificato il timeout dell'operazione di attesa.Gets or sets a value indicating whether the wait operation timed out.

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