YieldAwaitable.YieldAwaiter YieldAwaitable.YieldAwaiter YieldAwaitable.YieldAwaiter YieldAwaitable.YieldAwaiter Struct


Fornisce un awaiter per il passaggio a un ambiente di destinazione.Provides an awaiter for switching into a target environment.

public: value class YieldAwaitable::YieldAwaiter : System::Runtime::CompilerServices::ICriticalNotifyCompletion
public struct YieldAwaitable.YieldAwaiter : System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ICriticalNotifyCompletion
type YieldAwaitable.YieldAwaiter = struct
    interface ICriticalNotifyCompletion
    interface INotifyCompletion
Public Structure YieldAwaitable.YieldAwaiter
Implements ICriticalNotifyCompletion


Questo tipo e i relativi membri devono, essere utilizzati dal compilatore.This type and its members are intended for use by the compiler.


IsCompleted IsCompleted IsCompleted IsCompleted

Ottiene un valore che indica se non è richiesta una parola chiave yield.Gets a value that indicates whether a yield is not required.


GetResult() GetResult() GetResult() GetResult()

Termina l'operazione di attesa.Ends the await operation.

OnCompleted(Action) OnCompleted(Action) OnCompleted(Action) OnCompleted(Action)

Imposta la continuazione da richiamare.Sets the continuation to invoke.

UnsafeOnCompleted(Action) UnsafeOnCompleted(Action) UnsafeOnCompleted(Action) UnsafeOnCompleted(Action)

Inserisce continuation nuovamente nel contesto corrente.Posts the continuation back to the current context.

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