AnyReturnReader.GetInitializer(LogicalMethodInfo) AnyReturnReader.GetInitializer(LogicalMethodInfo) AnyReturnReader.GetInitializer(LogicalMethodInfo) AnyReturnReader.GetInitializer(LogicalMethodInfo) Method


Returns the parameter passed to the Initialize(Object) method.

 override System::Object ^ GetInitializer(System::Web::Services::Protocols::LogicalMethodInfo ^ methodInfo);
public override object GetInitializer (System.Web.Services.Protocols.LogicalMethodInfo methodInfo);
override this.GetInitializer : System.Web.Services.Protocols.LogicalMethodInfo -> obj
Public Overrides Function GetInitializer (methodInfo As LogicalMethodInfo) As Object
LogicalMethodInfo LogicalMethodInfo LogicalMethodInfo LogicalMethodInfo

A LogicalMethodInfo that indicates the Web method for which the initializer is obtained.


The parameter passed to the Initialize(Object) method.


An initializer is an object passed as a parameter to the Initialize method. For the AnyReturnReader class, the initializer is the instance referred to by the keyword this, unless the LogicalMethodInfo parameter value has a void return type, in which case the initializer is set to null.

The GetInitializer method is invoked during service initialization. Later, at the time a response is processed, the initializer AnyReturnReader object is passed to the Initialize method of another AnyReturnReader instance. The other instance takes the call to the Read method.

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