DataGridViewCell.CreateAccessibilityInstance Metodo


Crea un nuovo oggetto accessibile per DataGridViewCell.Creates a new accessible object for the DataGridViewCell.

 virtual System::Windows::Forms::AccessibleObject ^ CreateAccessibilityInstance();
protected virtual System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleObject CreateAccessibilityInstance ();
abstract member CreateAccessibilityInstance : unit -> System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleObject
override this.CreateAccessibilityInstance : unit -> System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleObject
Protected Overridable Function CreateAccessibilityInstance () As AccessibleObject



Nuovo oggetto DataGridViewCell.DataGridViewCellAccessibleObject per DataGridViewCell.A new DataGridViewCell.DataGridViewCellAccessibleObject for the DataGridViewCell.


Se non si chiama in modo esplicito il metodo CreateAccessibilityInstance, verrà chiamato quando si crea un riferimento alla proprietà AccessibilityObject.If you do not explicitly call the CreateAccessibilityInstance method, it will be called when the AccessibilityObject property is referenced.


Per ottenere o impostare AccessibilityObject , è necessario aggiungere un riferimento all' Accessibility assembly installato con la .NET Framework.To get or set AccessibilityObject, you must add a reference to the Accessibility assembly installed with the .NET Framework.

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