Data handling for Dynamics 365 Market Insights alerts

(This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.)

To run and improve the service for Market Insights alerts, we need to store some user data. This article is directed at users of the Market Insights alerts service. It outlines which data we gather, why we store it, and how you can request to update, export, or delete your personal data.

Data storage in Market Insights alerts

The following data is stored:

  • Profile information from the initial sign-up to sign you in again and access the alerts you have configured
    • Account information (type of account) you use to sign in to recognize your profile when signing in again
    • First and last name to display your name on the alerts page
    • Email address to send the alert email to the right recipient
    • Job title (when signed in with LinkedIn) to improve the relevance of alerts
  • List of alerts you created to find articles you may be interested in
  • Clicks on news article links in the alert email to improve the relevance of future news articles sent to you
  • Read rate of email messages for usage statistics
  • Feedback you provide about the relevance of the alert email
  • Visits to the Market Insights alerts website for usage statistics

Request export, update, or deletion of your data

Each user can delete alerts they own or unsubscribe from alerts through the alert email. The process of unsubscribing to alerts will also result in the deletion of the alerts.

To have your data exported, updated, or deleted, send us an email and our team will follow up with you.


  • If you request deletion of your data, all data will be removed and can't be restored. Even after signing in with the same profile again, all your alerts and feedback we gathered to refine your alerts will be lost.
  • To change your name in the app, update it on the profile you used to sign in. The app will sync your updated name from the profile directly. If this doesn't work, send us an email and request the change.

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