Known issues

(This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.)

Sometimes, things don't work as expected. We're sorry for that. Before reporting a bug, please have a look at this list to see if we are already aware of the issue.

Market Insights alerts

  • When you close the browser, you are signed out of the Market Insights alerts site
  • Updating a topic’s name or email frequency won't update it. The topic itself is updated.
  • Signing in with an account that didn't have your first name and last name specified, we will show you as “unknown”
  • If your name contains special characters, we don't display them correctly
  • News article snippets get truncated on the GMail app on iPhone
  • When you forward an email, the icons for the trending topics aren't displayed correctly
  • The alert email can have extra spaces next to the keyword in some cases

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