Evaluate experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection offers multiple experiences to introduce you to the product and accelerate your journey toward embedding Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection into your full production environment. The Evaluate experience lets you use your real-time transactional traffic to compare Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection with your existing fraud solution. You can send transactions through real-time application programming interfaces (APIs) to get an inline evaluation, and you can upload historical and asynchronous data to tune the model to your business scenarios. You can then use Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to gain deeper insights into your data, tailor your risk management strategies, and support your customers.


Your dashboard keeps you up to date about useful information, essential tasks that you need to complete, and important settings that you should configure to get the most out of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection. Critical steps are marked to indicate your current setup status. Steps might be marked as Completed or Not started, or they might show the number of items that still remain.


In addition to the first steps that are outlined on the dashboard, the Evaluate experience in Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection provides the features that are described in the following topics:

Switch experiences

To move to the Diagnose experience from Evaluate or Protect, select Switch to Diagnose at the bottom of the navigation bar.

Protect is differentiated from Evaluate with additional features as described on Protect experience by becoming your real-time risk decision tool in your full production environment.