Gestire chat, team, canali e app in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Teams

Scopri le funzionalità di collaborazione di Microsoft Teams, tra cui la creazione e la gestione di team, la gestione dell'esperienza utente per chat e canali e la gestione delle app.


  • Una buona conoscenza del funzionamento di base dei servizi di Microsoft 365.
  • Una buona conoscenza delle procedure IT generali, incluso l'uso di PowerShell.

Moduli in questo percorso di apprendimento

Learn about creating teams from various approaches and managing teams' settings and membership. You will also learn how to archive, restore, and delete a team.

Learn about different controls for collaboration experiences in Microsoft Teams, including managing channel types, private channel creation, messaging policies, and channel moderation.

Learn about different settings and policies to manage Teams apps, including which apps are allowed to install, which apps are pinned to users' app bar, and whether users can upload custom apps.