Get started with Azure PowerShell cmdlets

This article provides an overview for the cmdlet reference for Microsoft Azure PowerShell.


To use these cmdlets, you should have a good understanding of PowerShell and how it works. You should also have some experience with Microsoft Azure as the cmdlets you will use perform the same functions available through the portal GUI. You’ll also need to know basic PowerShell scripting techniques.

If you are new to Azure, see the Azure documentation.

If you need to brush up on PowerShell before you get started, see Scripting with PowerShell.

You can also watch this video: PowerShell Basics: (Part 1) Getting Started with PowerShell.

About Azure cmdlets

Azure PowerShell automate repetitive IT admin tasks to save you time and resources.

To learn more about them, watch this video: Take Control of the Cloud with the Microsoft Azure PowerShell Cmdlets.

Install and configure

To use the cmdlets, you need to install and configure Azure PowerShell to connect it to your account. For more information, see How to install and configure Azure PowerShell.