Restore databases (Project Server 2010)


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You can restore the following Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 databases:


You can only perform a full farm recovery using the SharePoint Central Administration Web site.

  • Content database

  • Draft database

  • Published database

  • Archive database

  • Reporting database

  • Databases for Service Applications)

  • Central Administration content database

  • Configuration database


    The configuration database and the Central Administration content database contain computer-specific information. Therefore, you can restore them only to an environment that you configure to be precisely the same, including all software updates, server names, and numbers of servers. That is, you cannot back up the configuration database, change your topology or server roles, and then restore the configuration database.

For more information about using Microsoft SQL Server to restore databases, see Backing Up and Restoring Databases in SQL Server (\&clcid=0x40).

Restoring Project Server 2010 databases


When protecting Microsoft Project 2010, we recommend that you configure a recovery farm—a second farm that is only used to restore data—for site and item recovery. The recovery farm is not intended to be a live farm. The recovery farm does not need to have the same hardware as your primary farm; we recommend that you use a single server installation or a virtual farm.

If your IT environment requires that your database administrator (DBA) must restore the databases associated with the Service Applications you must coordinate your backup and recovery operations with your DBA. The account used to restore the databases must be a member of the SQL Server dbcreator fixed server role.

Restoring a database by using built-in tools

Use this procedure to restore a database by using the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 built-in tools.


Membership in the Farm Administrators SharePoint group is the minimum required to complete the following procedure.

Restore a database by using Central Adminstration

  1. On the SharePoint Central Administration Web site, on the Operations page, in the Backup and Restore section, click Restore from Backup.

  2. On the Select Backup Location page, in the Backup File Location section, enter the universal naming convention (UNC) path to the backup folder.

  3. On the Select Backup Package to Restore page, select the backup file you want to restore, and then click Continue Restore Process.

  4. On the Select Component to Restore page, select the database you want to restore, and then click Continue Restore Process.

  5. On the Select Restore Options page:

    1. In the Restore Component section, verify that the database you selected is displayed.

    2. In the Restore Options section, select Same configuration.

      A message appears, notifying you that the current farm will be overwritten. Click OK.

    3. In the New Names section, type new names and URLs for each component, or accept the default values.

  6. Click OK.