Manually create Project Server databases


Si applica a: Project Server 2010

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When you create a Microsoft Project Web App (PWA) site, the required databases are created automatically on the instance of Microsoft SQL Server that you specify. However, some organizations require that databases be created manually by a database administrator. This article contains the information that is required to manually create databases for Microsoft Project Server 2010.

The table that follows describes the collations required for each database used by an instance of PWA.

Database Collation

Project Server Archive


Project Server Draft


Project Server Published


Project Server Reporting


SharePoint Server Content


Have your database administrator create a set of databases, as described in the table, for each PWA site that you plan to deploy. Once the databases have been created, specify the names of these databases when you create the PWA site or the content database.

For information about how to create a database in SQL Server, see How to: Create a Database (SQL Server Management Studio) (