About the Quick Launch in Project Web App


Si applica a: Project Server 2010

Ultima modifica dell'argomento: 2011-04-13

The Quick Launch is the pane that appears on the left side of Microsoft Project Web App. You can use the Quick Launch to access Project Web App features such as tasks and timesheets.

In the version of Project Web App that is included with Microsoft Project Server 2010, the Quick Launch may contain any combination of the following headings and links:

  • Projects

    • Project Center

    • Approval Center

    • Workflow Approvals

  • My Work

    • Tasks

    • Timesheet

    • Issues and Risks

  • Resources

    • Resource Center

    • Status Reports

  • Strategy

    • Driver Library

    • Driver Prioritization

    • Portfolio Analyses

  • Business Intelligence

  • Settings

    • Personal Settings

    • Server Settings

    • Manage Timesheets

  • Libraries

    • Shared Documents

The Quick Launch displays different links based on your permissions within Project Web App, and it can also be customized for your specific organization. The list in this article represents what a Project Server administrator sees, by default, on the Quick Launch.


The Quick Launch does not appear on every page. It is not displayed on some site administration pages, such as the Site Settings page, and the pages on which a site administrator creates and edits lists, libraries, and project workspaces.