Alerts and Reminders (Project Server 2010 settings)


Si applica a: Project Server 2010

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The Alerts and Reminders settings are available through the Microsoft Project Server 2010 Server Settings page in the Operational Policies section. For more information about related administrative settings, see Operational Policies (Project Server 2010 settings).

Configure Alerts and Reminders settings

Project Server 2010 generates e-mail notifications and reminders for each user whenever new, overdue, rejected, or forthcoming events occur. Administrators can configure alerts for their reminders from the Alerts and Reminders page in your Project Web App Server Settings.

Before e-mail notifications and reminders can be used by members of your organization, the appropriate server and account information must be identified. As a Project Web App administrator, you can configure the following settings in the Alerts and Reminders page:

  • Notification E-mail Settings

  • Schedule e-mail reminder service

Notification E-mail Settings

The Notification E-mail Settings allows the Project Server Administrator to maintain the default sender e-mail address and message information that is automatically included with each e-mail notification or reminder sent by Project Server. It also lets you specify the SMTP server and associated port number.

To configure the Notification E-mail settings

  1. On the Server Settings page, in the Operational Policies section, click Alerts and Reminders.

  2. On the Alerts and Reminders page, in the Notification E-mail Settings section, enter the following information:

    1. Select the Turn on notifications with the following settings check box to maintain all the notification e-mail settings but turn off notifications globally.


      This setting was not available in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. In Office Project Server 2007, you had to remove the SMTP server details to stop notifications and reminders from being sent.

    2. In the SMTP mail server box, type the name of your SMTP server. Verify the port number in the Port box.

    3. In the From address box, enter the default e-mail address. This address is the reply-to address for all notification and reminder e-mail messages.

    4. In the Company domain box, enter the domain name of your company (for example,

    5. In the E-mail footer box, type the default message that you want appended to all notification e-mail messages. For example: This e-mail message may contain confidential information and is intended only for the recipients named above.

  3. Click Save.

Schedule e-mail reminder service

The Schedule e-mail reminder service allows a Project Server administrator to set the time of day at which the e-mail reminder service scans the Project Server databases to determine who should receive e-mail reminders (such as users who have upcoming or overdue tasks and status reports).

Depending on the volume of notification and reminder e-mail messages, you should consider setting the service to run at a time when the overall load on the server is low.

To configure the Schedule E-mail Reminder service

  1. On the Server Settings page, in the Operational Policies section, click Alerts and Reminders.

  2. On the Alerts and Reminders page, in the Schedule e-mail reminder service section, click the Schedule e-mail reminder service to run every day at drop-down menu and select the time at which you want the service to run.

  3. Click Save.