Microsoft Project Server 2010 SuperFlow


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The Microsoft Project Server 2010 Upgrade SuperFlow is a self-contained guide that resembles and interactive Help file. It can be downloaded and installed to your local computer, and can then be used even if you are not connected to the Internet. This specific SuperFlow gives you information that you need to upgrade to Project Server 2010. It provides information that is common to each upgrade path—planning, preparation, and specific procedures for each supported upgrade method. This guide also gives you information about how to download and use the Project Server 2010 virtual migration environment—the recommended method for upgrading Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 data to Office Project Server 2007 (which you can then upgrade to Project Server 2010).


To install the SuperFlow, you must have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on your local computer.

To install the Microsoft Project Server 2010 Upgrade SuperFlow

  1. Download the SF_ProjectServer201Upgrade.msi file from the SuperFlow for Microsoft Project Server 2010 Upgrade page in the TechNet Gallery (

  2. Run the SF_ProjectServer201Upgrade.msi file and follow the installation instructions in the wizard.

The Project Server 2010 Upgrade SuperFlow is installed in a Start menu group that is named Microsoft SuperFlows.