ThreadPoolSize Element for Generator (ADF)

Specifies the number of threads that the generator can use to concurrently process rules.



Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description

Data type

Non-negative integer.

Default value



Optional once per Generator element.


Can be added, deleted, and modified when updating the application.

Element Relationships

Relationship Elements

Parent element

Generator Element (ADF)

Child elements



The value of the ThreadPoolSize element determines the amount of work that the generator can perform in parallel, and affects the overall speed of the Notification Services system.

The generator ThreadPoolSize value cannot be customized in SQL Server Standard Edition.

The number of threads allocated to the generator thread pool cannot exceed 25 threads per processor.

When the ThreadPoolSize value is 0 (zero), Notification Services uses the maximum thread pool size reported by System.Threading.ThreadPool.GetMaxThreads(System.Int32,System.Int32).


The following example shows how to configure the generator to use one thread to process rules.


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