AdControl AdControl AdControl AdControl Class


Represents a control that displays banner ads in an app.

public ref class AdControl sealed : StackPanel, IClosable
class AdControl sealed : StackPanel, IClosable
public sealed class AdControl : StackPanel, System.IDisposable
Public NotInheritable Class AdControl
Inherits StackPanel
Implements IDisposable


M i c r o s o f t A d v e r t i s i n g S D K


For walkthroughs and code examples that demonstrate how to use this type, see AdControl in XAML and .NET, AdControl in HTML 5 and JavaScript and Advertising samples on GitHub.


AdControl() AdControl() AdControl() AdControl()

Initializes a new instance of the AdControl class.


AdUnitId AdUnitId AdUnitId AdUnitId

Gets or sets the ad unit identifier for this AdControl object. This value is available in Partner Center.

ApplicationId ApplicationId ApplicationId ApplicationId

Gets or sets the application ID for this AdControl object. This value is available in Partner Center.

AutoRefreshIntervalInSeconds AutoRefreshIntervalInSeconds AutoRefreshIntervalInSeconds AutoRefreshIntervalInSeconds

Gets or sets the interval at which the AdControl refreshes the currently displayed banner ad, in seconds.

CountryOrRegion CountryOrRegion CountryOrRegion CountryOrRegion

Gets or sets the two-letter country or region code where the user is located.

HasAd HasAd HasAd HasAd

Gets a value that indicates whether or not the AdControl is currently serving a banner ad.

IsAutoRefreshEnabled IsAutoRefreshEnabled IsAutoRefreshEnabled IsAutoRefreshEnabled

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether automatic rotation of banner ads is enabled.

IsEngaged IsEngaged IsEngaged IsEngaged

Gets a value that indicates whether the user is interacting with the banner ad.

IsSuspended IsSuspended IsSuspended IsSuspended

Gets a value that indicates whether the AdControl is in a suspended state.

Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords

Gets or sets the keywords that target the audience for advertisements.

PostalCode PostalCode PostalCode PostalCode

Gets or sets the postal code to target for the banner ad.


AddAdTag(String, String) AddAdTag(String, String) AddAdTag(String, String) AddAdTag(String, String)

Adds an ad tag to the AdControl.

Close() Close() Close() Close()

Frees associated system resources used by the control.

Dispose() Dispose() Dispose() Dispose()

Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.

Refresh() Refresh() Refresh() Refresh()

Directs the AdControl to show the next ad when a new one becomes available, if auto-refresh is disabled. The currently rendered ad remains until the next ad becomes available.

RemoveAdTag(String) RemoveAdTag(String) RemoveAdTag(String) RemoveAdTag(String)

Removes an ad tag from the AdControl.

Resume() Resume() Resume() Resume()

Resumes the normal display of a banner ad after a call to Suspend.

Suspend() Suspend() Suspend() Suspend()

Suspends the current banner ad and replaces the current view of the banner ad with a static snapshot of what was being rendered.


AdRefreshed AdRefreshed AdRefreshed AdRefreshed

Raised when the AdControl receives a new banner ad.

ErrorOccurred ErrorOccurred ErrorOccurred ErrorOccurred

Raised when the AdControl encounters an operational error.

IsEngagedChanged IsEngagedChanged IsEngagedChanged IsEngagedChanged

Raised when the user clicks the banner ad and is interacting with it rather than the app.

OnManipulationStateChanged OnManipulationStateChanged OnManipulationStateChanged OnManipulationStateChanged

Raised when the AdControl receives a manipulation state changed event from the banner ad.

OnMouseWheel OnMouseWheel OnMouseWheel OnMouseWheel

Raised when the AdControl receives a mouse wheel event.

OnPointerDown OnPointerDown OnPointerDown OnPointerDown

Raised when the user clicks, points, or touches the banner ad.

OnPointerMove OnPointerMove OnPointerMove OnPointerMove

Raised when the pointing device is moved.

OnPointerUp OnPointerUp OnPointerUp OnPointerUp

Raised when the user has stopped clicking, pointing, or touching a banner ad.

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