TSPI_lineGetCallInfo function (tspi.h)

The TSPI_lineGetCallInfo function returns detailed information about the specified call.


  HDRVCALL       hdCall,



The service provider's handle to the call whose call information is to be retrieved. The call state of hdCall can be any state.


A pointer to a variably sized data structure of type LINECALLINFO. Upon successful completion of the request, this structure is filled with call-related information.

Return value

Returns zero if the function succeeds or an error number if an error occurs. Possible return values are as follows:



The following table indicates which members of the LINECALLINFO data structure are filled in by TAPI and which members are filled in by the service provider. The service provider must preserve (it must not overwrite) the values filled in by TAPI.

Member name TAPI Service provider
dwTotalSize; X
dwNeededSize; X
dwUsedSize; X
hLine; X
dwLineDeviceID; X
dwAddressID; X
dwBearerMode; X
dwRate; X
dwMediaMode; X
dwAppSpecific; X
dwCallID; X
dwRelatedCallID; X
dwCallParamFlags; X
dwCallStates; X X
dwMonitorDigitModes; X
dwMonitorMediaModes; X
DialParams; X
dwOrigin; X
dwReason; X
dwCompletionID; X
dwNumOwners; X
dwNumMonitors; X
dwCountryCode; X
dwTrunk; X
dwCallerIDFlags; X
dwCallerIDSize; X
dwCallerIDOffset; X
dwCallerIDNameSize; X
dwCallerIDNameOffset; X
dwCalledIDFlags; X
dwCalledIDSize; X
dwCalledIDOffset; X
dwCalledIDNameSize; X
dwCalledIDNameOffset; X
dwConnectedIDFlags; X
dwConnectedIDSize; X
dwConnectedIDOffset; X
dwConnectedIDNameSize; X
dwConnectedIDNameOffset; X
dwRedirectionIDFlags; X
dwRedirectionIDSize; X
dwRedirectionIDOffset; X
dwRedirectionIDNameSize; X
dwRedirectionIDNameOffset; X
dwRedirectingIDFlags; X
dwRedirectingIDSize; X
dwRedirectingIDOffset; X
dwRedirectingIDNameSize; X
dwRedirectingIDNameOffset; X
dwAppNameSize; X
dwAppNameOffset; X
dwDisplayableAddressSize; X
dwDisplayableAddressOffset; X
dwCalledPartySize; X
dwCalledPartyOffset; X
dwCommentSize; X
dwCommentOffset; X
dwDisplaySize; X
dwDisplayOffset; X
dwUserUserInfoSize; X
dwUserUserInfoOffset; X
dwHighLevelCompSize; X
dwHighLevelCompOffset; X
dwLowLevelCompSize; X
dwLowLevelCompOffset; X
dwChargingInfoSize; X
dwChargingInfoOffset; X
dwTerminalModesSize; X
dwTerminalModesOffset; X
dwDevSpecificSize; X
dwDevSpecificOffset; X

TAPI fills in the size and offset fields for the dwAppNameSize/Offset, dwCalledPartySize/Offset, and dwCommentSize/Offset members and updates the value in dwUsedSize to reflect these after calling the service provider.

After the service provider returns from the TSPI_lineGetCallInfo function, TAPI sets the dwCallStates member of the LINECALLINFO structure as follows:


If the service provider models lines as "pools" of channel resources and does inverse multiplexing of a call over several address identifiers, it should consistently choose one of these address identifiers as the primary identifier reported by this function in the LINECALLINFO data structure.


Target Platform Windows
Header tspi.h