Deploy to Azure

Azure DevOps Services (in the cloud) and Team Foundation Services (on-premises) are Microsoft's DevOps solutions for Azure. Azure Pipelines (Build & Release in TFS) is the service for automated build and deployment for all cloud providers, especially Azure.

Whether you are developing a .NET, Java, Node, PHP, or a Python app, or whether you are targeting app services, virtual machines, or containers in Azure, Azure Pipelines (Build & Release) helps you set up a highly customizable continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline. Tutorials, references, and other documentation show you how to configure and manage CI/CD for the app of your choice to Azure services.

5-Minute Quickstarts

Learn how to build your app and deploy it to your choice of Azure service.

Use Azure DevOps Projects to deploy your App to Azure

Use Azure DevOps Services to deploy your App to Azure

Step-by-Step Tutorials



TFS 2013: We recommend that you Migrate from XAML builds to new builds.