Define resources in Azure Resource Manager templates

When creating Resource Manager templates, you need to understand what resource types are available, and what values to use in your template. The Resource Manager template reference documentation simplifies template development by providing these values.

If you are new to working with templates, see Quickstart: Create and deploy Azure Resource Manager templates by using the Azure portal for an introduction to working with templates.

To determine locations that available for a resource type, see Set location in templates. To add tags to resources, see Tag resources in Azure Resource Manager templates.

If you know the resource type, you can go directly to it with the following URL format:{provider-namespace}/{resource-type}. For example, the SQL database reference content is available at:

The resource types are located under the Reference node. Expand the resource provider that contains the type you are looking for. The following image shows the types for Compute.

show resource types

Or, you can filter the resource types in navigation pane:

filter resource types