The Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator

With the Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator, you can develop solutions based on entities and attributes that dealerships and OEMs commonly leverage for customer experience and other business processes. These entities include deals, sales contracts, specifications, fleet, warranties, inspection, test drives, branding, business, customer-vehicle relationship, vehicle and equipment, lead, service and after-sales management, and more. The accelerator includes an automotive data model, PowerBI apps, canvas and model-driven sample apps based on connected experiences.

The automotive accelerator provides the following to partners and customers:

  • Extensions to Common Data Model to include a data model that supports customer experiences, including entity definitions and relationships.
  • Sample model-driven apps to show some possibilities of how Dynamics 365 and the automotive data model can be used, including customer experience management, customer 360, connected field service, and DMS.
  • Sample canvas apps for the Fleet Manager to quickly and pro-actively schedule service appointments with service centers to show how anyone can quickly develop new apps with the Power Platform using the Automotive Accelerator.
  • Sample Power BI dashboards that provide analytics around vehicle inventory, services, lead disposition, branding, and business operation.
  • Sample "Model.json" file to implement the automotive data model as Common Data Model folders in Azure Data Lake Storage for analytics, AI, and Machine Learning.
  • Individual solutions for Sales, After Sales, Marketing and a package that you can deploy and install, including sample data. The Automotive Common Data Model extension can also be installed using a Power Platform SKU.
  • Test drive experience through AppSource with walkthroughs, reference guides, entity-relationship diagrams, and metadata documentation on the data model.

Sitemap extensions

With the Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator, you can optimize the customer experience, streamline OEM-to-dealer integration, and gain insights from analytics. When the accelerator is installed into Dynamics 365, the experience is transformed into one specifically built for automotive and it allows partners and customers to quickly build Power Apps and Power BI visualizations.

  • [Marketing: Test Drives - Customer Segmentation]
  • [Sales: Deals - Trade Ins - Quotes - Activities]
  • [After Sales: Service Appointments - Service Contracts - Sales Contracts - Device Warranties]
  • [Vehicles: Vehicles - Fleet]
  • [Setup Branding: Device Brand - Device Class - Device Models - Device Model Codes - Device Variant - Device Type]
  • [Setup Business: Business - Business Facility - Business Operation]

Entities and workflows

These entities are built in to the Automotive Accelerator:

Business Management Sales and Marketing Customers Service and After-Sales Vehicle and Equipment Management
Aggregate KPI Deal Account Account Attribute Group
Aggregate KPI Context Deal Customer Contact Contact Attribute Option
Aggregate KPI Measurement Deal Device Customer Attachment Service Appointment Attribute Type
Business Deal Device Add On Customer Identifier Service Appointment Type Configuration Code
Business Facility Deal File Customer Identifier Type Service Contract Configuration Option
Business Operation Deal Terms Lead Service Contract Detail Dealer Plate
Business Operation Customer Preference Deal Type Service Contract Terms Dealer Plate Device Assignment
Business Type Financing Opportunity Service Contract Type Device
Dealer Plate Financing Opportunity Detail Service Order Device Brand
Dealer Plate Device Assignment Lead Service Order Group Device Class
Operation Code Lead Device Service Order Job Device Component
Operation Type Lead Device Specification Service Order Job Detail Device Generation
Lead Lead Disposition Service Order Job Type Device Inspection
Lead Disposition Activity Service Order Type Device Inspection Checklist
Lead Price Type Warranty Device Inspection Checklist Type
Lead Prospect Warranty Limit Device License Plate
Lead Specification Type Device Measure
Opportunity Device Measurement
Sales Contract Device Meter
Sales Contract Device Device Model
Sales Contract Payment Device Model Code
Sales Contract Terms Device Observation
Sales Contract Type Device Observation Type
Test Drive Device Registration
Trade In Device Sensor
Device State
Device Style
Device Type
Device Variant
Device Warranty
Device Warranty Limit
Fleet Device
Lead Device
Specification Accessory
Specification Attribute

Forms and dashboards

The Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator can be used with Power Platform or combined with standard Dynamics 365 entities to make it easier to build solutions. This section describes just a few of the forms, views, and dashboards that demonstrate how the Automotive Accelerator extends the Microsoft Common Data Model, the Power Platform, and Dynamics 365.

Lead disposition form

The Automotive CDM supports inbound lead data based on the STAR guidelines. The form below showcases a sample lead disposition process based on a consistent set of activities while highlighting native Dynamics 365 AI and Insight capabilities for Predictive Lead Scoring and Relationship Analytics.

Lead form

Opportunity form

The opportunity form shows key details, provides deep insights based Dynamics 365 Relationship Analytics, Opportunity Scoring and presents users with relevant data associated with the opportunity (Test Drive activities, Deal Files, Product line items).

Opportunity form

Vehicle inventory dashboard

Example of Power BI dashboards embedded within Dynamics 365 in the Automotive Accelerator sample application. With the example vehicle inventiry dashboard, the inventory manager can quickly gain insights into total inventory/assets cost, number of available units, aged inventory value percentage by model year, list price by model year or drill down into inventory breakdown by month received.

Vehicle inventory dashboard

Supported SKUs

Core CDM as CDM Folder Core CDM without Dynamics 365 Applications Dynamics 365 for Sales Dynamics 365 for Service Dynamics 365 for Field Service Dynamics 365 for Project Service Power Apps & Office 365
SKU Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Power Apps standalone Plan 1 and Plan 2 Appropriate Dynamics 365 apps plan Appropriate Dynamics 365 apps plan Appropriate Dynamics 365 apps plan Appropriate Dynamics 365 apps plan Power Apps for Office 365/ Power Apps for Office 365 Enterprise F1
Automotive Accelerator Yes Yes Yes Optional Optional Optional Yes - CDM Folder with Office Integration

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