DataPartReferenceRelationship DataPartReferenceRelationship DataPartReferenceRelationship Class


Represents an internal reference relationship to a DataPart element.

public class DataPartReferenceRelationship : DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Packaging.ReferenceRelationship
type DataPartReferenceRelationship = class
    inherit ReferenceRelationship
Public Class DataPartReferenceRelationship
Inherits ReferenceRelationship


DataPartReferenceRelationship(DataPart, String, String) DataPartReferenceRelationship(DataPart, String, String) DataPartReferenceRelationship(DataPart, String, String)

Initializes a new instance of the DataPartReferenceRelationship class using the supplied DataPart, relationship type, and relationship ID.


Container Container Container

Gets the owner OpenXmlPartContainer that holds the ReferenceRelationship.

(Inherited from ReferenceRelationship)
DataPart DataPart DataPart

Gets the referenced target DataPart.

Id Id Id

Gets the relationship ID.

(Inherited from ReferenceRelationship)
IsExternal IsExternal IsExternal

Gets a value that indicates whether the target of the relationship is Internal or External to the OpenXmlPackage.

(Inherited from ReferenceRelationship)
RelationshipType RelationshipType RelationshipType

Gets the relationship type.

(Inherited from ReferenceRelationship)
Uri Uri Uri

Gets the target URI of the relationship.

(Inherited from ReferenceRelationship)

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