OkObjectResult OkObjectResult OkObjectResult OkObjectResult Class


An ObjectResult that when executed performs content negotiation, formats the entity body, and will produce a Status200OK response if negotiation and formatting succeed.

public ref class OkObjectResult : Microsoft::AspNetCore::Mvc::ObjectResult
public class OkObjectResult : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ObjectResult
type OkObjectResult = class
    inherit ObjectResult
Public Class OkObjectResult
Inherits ObjectResult


OkObjectResult(Object) OkObjectResult(Object) OkObjectResult(Object) OkObjectResult(Object)

Initializes a new instance of the OkObjectResult class.


ExecuteResult(ActionContext) ExecuteResult(ActionContext) ExecuteResult(ActionContext) ExecuteResult(ActionContext)

Executes the result operation of the action method synchronously. This method is called by MVC to process the result of an action method.

(Inherited from ActionResult)
ExecuteResultAsync(ActionContext) ExecuteResultAsync(ActionContext) ExecuteResultAsync(ActionContext) ExecuteResultAsync(ActionContext) Inherited from ObjectResult
OnFormatting(ActionContext) OnFormatting(ActionContext) OnFormatting(ActionContext) OnFormatting(ActionContext)

This method is called before the formatter writes to the output stream.

(Inherited from ObjectResult)


ContentTypes ContentTypes ContentTypes ContentTypes Inherited from ObjectResult
DeclaredType DeclaredType DeclaredType DeclaredType Inherited from ObjectResult
Formatters Formatters Formatters Formatters Inherited from ObjectResult
StatusCode StatusCode StatusCode StatusCode

Gets or sets the HTTP status code.

(Inherited from ObjectResult)
Value Value Value Value Inherited from ObjectResult

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