ColorMaterialFeatures Enum


Flags specific to the ColorMaterial.

public enum class ColorMaterialFeatures
public enum ColorMaterialFeatures
type ColorMaterialFeatures = 
Public Enum ColorMaterialFeatures


AlphaClipped 8

Enables hard cut-outs on a per-pixel basis based on the alpha value being below AlphaClipThreshold. This works for opaque materials as well.

DoubleSided 2

The material is rendered double-sided. Otherwise back-faces may be culled, depending on the selected SingleSidedMode.

FadeToBlack 4

If enabled, this material fades to black as opposed to fading to transparent when using FadeOut. Fading to black has the same effect on see-through devices like HoloLens but has significantly lower rendering cost.

FresnelEffect 32

If enabled this material will have a Fresnel effect additively added to the rendering of the base material. Use the FresnelEffectExponent and FresnelEffectColor to control the effect visuals.

None 0

None of the flags below.

TransparencyWritesDepth 16

Toggles transparency depth writes.

Objects rendered transparently do not contribute to the depth buffer as a default. Set this to true if objects associated with this material should write depth.

UseVertexColor 1

Use the vertex color (if provided by the mesh).

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