PivotTable.Allocation PivotTable.Allocation PivotTable.Allocation Property


Gets or sets whether to run an UPDATE CUBE statement for each cell is edited, or only when the user chooses to calculate changes when performing what-if analysis on a PivotTable based on an OLAP data source.

 property Microsoft::Office::Interop::Excel::XlAllocation Allocation { Microsoft::Office::Interop::Excel::XlAllocation get(); void set(Microsoft::Office::Interop::Excel::XlAllocation value); };
public Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlAllocation Allocation { get; set; }
Public Property Allocation As XlAllocation

Property Value



The Allocation property corresponds to the Calculate with changes setting in the What-If Analysis Settings dialog box. The default setting is xlManualAllocation, which corresponds to the Manually (when selecting calculate PivotTable with changes) setting.

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