PivotTable.SourceData PivotTable.SourceData PivotTable.SourceData Property


Returns the data source for the PivotTable report. Read-write Object.

 property System::Object ^ SourceData { System::Object ^ get(); void set(System::Object ^ value); };
public object SourceData { get; set; }
Public Property SourceData As Object

Property Value


The value returned depends on the data source, as follows:

Microsoft Excel list or databaseThe cell reference, as text.
External data sourceAn array. Each row consists of a SQL connection string with the remaining elements as the query string, broken down into 255-character segments.
Multiple consolidation rangesA two-dimensional array. Each row consists of a reference and its associated page field items.
Another PivotTable reportOne of the above three kinds of information.

This property is not available for OLE DB data sources.

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