ExpressionNodeConstant ExpressionNodeConstant ExpressionNodeConstant Class


The ExpressionNodeConstant object represents an constant value that is used in an expression.

public ref class ExpressionNodeConstant sealed : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::Dmf::ExpressionNode
public sealed class ExpressionNodeConstant : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Dmf.ExpressionNode
Public NotInheritable Class ExpressionNodeConstant
Inherits ExpressionNode


This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.


ExpressionNodeConstant(Object) ExpressionNodeConstant(Object) ExpressionNodeConstant(Object)

Initializes a new instance of the ExpressionNodeConstant class that has the specified object.


LastEvaluationResult LastEvaluationResult LastEvaluationResult

Gets or sets the result of the last evaluation.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
Tag Tag Tag

Gets the tag text that is associated with the expression node.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
Type Type Type

Gets the type of expression node.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
TypeClass TypeClass TypeClass

Gets the class type when the expression node represents a constant value or a variable.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
Value Value Value

Gets the object value that is the expression node constant.


ConvertToFilterNode() ConvertToFilterNode() ConvertToFilterNode()

Creates a filter node by converting the expression node.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
DeepClone() DeepClone() DeepClone()

Returns the a copy of the expression node including properties.

DeserializeProperties(XmlReader, Boolean) DeserializeProperties(XmlReader, Boolean) DeserializeProperties(XmlReader, Boolean)

Deserializes the properties in the expression from an XML reader.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
DeserializeResult(XmlReader) DeserializeResult(XmlReader) DeserializeResult(XmlReader)

Deserializes the property results in the expression from an XML reader.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
DoConvertToFilterNode() DoConvertToFilterNode() DoConvertToFilterNode()

Allows the conversion of expression node to filter mode.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
DoEnumAttributes(List<String>) DoEnumAttributes(List<String>) DoEnumAttributes(List<String>)

Deserializes the expression node from a list of text strings.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
EnumChildren() EnumChildren() EnumChildren()

Returns an enumerated list of dependent expression nodes.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
EqualProperties(Object) EqualProperties(Object) EqualProperties(Object)

Determines whether the properties of the specified object are equal to the properties of the current expression node.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Returns a Boolean value that specifies whether the referenced expression node object is equal to the specified object.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
Evaluate(FacetEvaluationContext) Evaluate(FacetEvaluationContext) Evaluate(FacetEvaluationContext)

Evaluates the expression node with the given facet context.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
Evaluate(FacetEvaluationContext, Boolean) Evaluate(FacetEvaluationContext, Boolean) Evaluate(FacetEvaluationContext, Boolean)

Evaluates the expression node with the given facet context and checks the script as a proxy.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Gets the hash code for the object.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
GetResult() GetResult() GetResult()

Gets the result that is returned when an expression is deserialized.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
GetResultString() GetResultString() GetResultString()

Gets the result in string format that is returned when an expression is deserialized.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
ReadEndElement(XmlReader) ReadEndElement(XmlReader) ReadEndElement(XmlReader)

Reads the end element in the expression node.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
Serialize(XmlWriter) Serialize(XmlWriter) Serialize(XmlWriter)

Serializes the expression node to the specified XML Writer.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
SerializeProperties(XmlWriter, Boolean) SerializeProperties(XmlWriter, Boolean) SerializeProperties(XmlWriter, Boolean)

Serializes all properties for the specified object, using the specified XML writer.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
SerializeResult(XmlWriter) SerializeResult(XmlWriter) SerializeResult(XmlWriter)

Serializes the result in the expression node.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
SetFilterNodeCompatible(Boolean) SetFilterNodeCompatible(Boolean) SetFilterNodeCompatible(Boolean)

Sets the compatible filter node of the Boolean property.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
SetHasScript(Boolean) SetHasScript(Boolean) SetHasScript(Boolean)

Sets whether the expression has script.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
SetNameConditionType(NameConditionType) SetNameConditionType(NameConditionType) SetNameConditionType(NameConditionType)

Sets the name of the condition type property.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
SetNodeType(ExpressionNodeType) SetNodeType(ExpressionNodeType) SetNodeType(ExpressionNodeType)

Indicates the type of node to be set.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
SetObjectName(String) SetObjectName(String) SetObjectName(String)

Sets the name of the expression node.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
SetProperties() SetProperties() SetProperties()

Sets the property values.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
SetTypeClass(TypeClass) SetTypeClass(TypeClass) SetTypeClass(TypeClass)

Sets type class for the expression node.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)
ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns the expression node constant in string format.

ToStringForDisplay() ToStringForDisplay() ToStringForDisplay()

Returns the expression node constant in string format with display formatting.

ToStringForUrn() ToStringForUrn() ToStringForUrn()

Returns the referenced object in URN format.

(Inherited from ExpressionNode)

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