NonQueryResult NonQueryResult NonQueryResult Class


Represents the results from a call to the ExecuteNonQuery method.

public ref class NonQueryResult sealed : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::MultiServerConnection::ResultInfo
public sealed class NonQueryResult : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.MultiServerConnection.ResultInfo
Public NotInheritable Class NonQueryResult
Inherits ResultInfo


BatchStartingLine BatchStartingLine BatchStartingLine

Gets the starting line of the batch in the editor.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)
BatchText BatchText BatchText

Gets the text of the Transact-SQL batch that was executed.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)
CompletedSuccessfully CompletedSuccessfully CompletedSuccessfully

Gets True if execution was successful, False if there was an exception.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)
ConnectionInfo ConnectionInfo ConnectionInfo

Gets the connection info of the connection producing the result.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)
Exception Exception Exception

Gets or sets the exception that was thrown while executing the Transact-SQL.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)
ExecutionTime ExecutionTime ExecutionTime

Gets or sets the amount of client wall-time it took to get the result back from the server.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)
LoginName LoginName LoginName

Gets the name of the login executing the batch.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)
RowsAffected RowsAffected RowsAffected

Gets or sets the number of rows that are affected by the ExecuteNonQuery method.

ServerDisplayName ServerDisplayName ServerDisplayName

Gets the display name of the server where the batch was executed.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)
ServerName ServerName ServerName

Gets the name of the server where the batch was executed.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)
StartTime StartTime StartTime

Gets or sets the time when the batch was submitted.

(Inherited from ResultInfo)


ToString() ToString() ToString()

Gets the string representation of the current object.

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