AvailabilityReplicaRollupSynchronizationState Enum


The current synchronization state of the availability replica. This is based on the synchronization states of database replicas in the availaiblity group residing on the instance.

public enum AvailabilityReplicaRollupSynchronizationState
type AvailabilityReplicaRollupSynchronizationState = 
Public Enum AvailabilityReplicaRollupSynchronizationState


NotSynchronizing 0

At least one database replica on is not synchronizing with the primary.

Synchronized 2

All database replicas are synchronized with the primary.

Synchronizing 1

All database replicas are at least synchronizing with the primary.

Unknown 3

The synchronization state of the replica is unknown. This will be the case for a remote secondary replica if the property is accessed from another secondary.

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