StoreOperationsBatch StoreOperationsBatch StoreOperationsBatch Class


Represents a series of operations that happened within the context of a single action such as a server push or pull.

public sealed class StoreOperationsBatch
type StoreOperationsBatch = class
Public NotInheritable Class StoreOperationsBatch


StoreOperationsBatch(String, StoreOperationSource) StoreOperationsBatch(String, StoreOperationSource) StoreOperationsBatch(String, StoreOperationSource)


BatchId BatchId BatchId

The ID of the batch this operation belongs to.

OperationCount OperationCount OperationCount

The number of operations executed within this batch.

Source Source Source

Describes the source this operation was triggered from.


GetOperationCountByKind(LocalStoreOperationKind) GetOperationCountByKind(LocalStoreOperationKind) GetOperationCountByKind(LocalStoreOperationKind)

Gets the number of operations matching the provided operation kind executed within this batch.

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