If.Else プロパティ


アクティビティの Conditionfalse と解決される場合に実行されるアクティビティ。The activity to be executed if the activity's Condition resolves to false.

 property System::Activities::Activity ^ Else { System::Activities::Activity ^ get(); void set(System::Activities::Activity ^ value); };
public System.Activities.Activity Else { get; set; }
member this.Else : System.Activities.Activity with get, set
Public Property Else As Activity


子アクティビティ。The child activity.


If アクティビティの Else プロパティを設定するコード サンプルを次に示します。The following code sample demonstrates setting the Else property of an If activity. この例は、エラーの送信と処理のサンプルです。This example is from the Sending and Handling Faults sample.

new If 
    // check if the order is asking for Widgets
    Condition = new InArgument<bool>( (e) => po.Get(e).PartName.Equals("Widget") ),
    Then = new If
        // check if we have enough widgets in stock
        Condition = new InArgument<bool>( (e) => po.Get(e).Quantity < 100 ),
        Then = new SendReply
            DisplayName = "Successful response",
            Request = submitPO,                                        
            Content = SendContent.Create(new InArgument<string>( (e) => string.Format("Success: {0} Widgets have been ordered!", po.Get(e).Quantity)) )
        // if we don't have enough widgets, throw an unhandled exception from this operation's body
        Else = new Throw
            Exception = new InArgument<Exception>((e) => new Exception("We don't have that many Widgets."))
    // if its not for widgets, reply to the client that we don't carry that part by sending back an expected fault type (POFault)
    Else = new SendReply
        DisplayName = "Expected fault",
        Request = submitPO,
        Content = SendContent.Create(new InArgument<FaultException<POFault>>( (e) => new FaultException<POFault>(
            new POFault
                Problem = string.Format("This company does not carry {0}s, but we do carry Widgets.", po.Get(e).PartName),
                Solution = "Try your local hardware store."
            new FaultReason("This is an expected fault.")