MappingType MappingType MappingType MappingType Enum


DataColumn の割り当て方法を指定します。Specifies how a DataColumn is mapped.

public enum class MappingType
public enum MappingType
type MappingType = 
Public Enum MappingType


Attribute Attribute Attribute Attribute 2

列が XML 属性に割り当てられます。The column is mapped to an XML attribute.

Element Element Element Element 1

列が XML 要素に割り当てられます。The column is mapped to an XML element.

Hidden Hidden Hidden Hidden 4

列が内部構造に割り当てられます。The column is mapped to an internal structure.

SimpleContent SimpleContent SimpleContent SimpleContent 3

列が XmlText ノードに割り当てられます。The column is mapped to an XmlText node.

次の例を返します、ColumnMappingテーブル内の各列のプロパティの値。The following example returns the ColumnMapping property value for each column in a table.

static private void GetColumnMapping(DataTable dataTable)
    foreach (DataColumn dataColumn in dataTable.Columns)
Private Sub GetColumnMapping(ByVal dataTable As DataTable)
    Dim dataColumn As DataColumn
    For Each dataColumn In dataTable.Columns
    Next dataColumn
End Sub


MappingType列挙型を取得または設定するときに使用、ColumnMappingのプロパティ、DataColumnします。The MappingType enumeration is used when getting or setting the ColumnMapping property of the DataColumn. どの列の値を書き込むときに、プロパティを決定します、WriteXmlでメソッドが呼び出される、DataSetデータと XML ドキュメントとしてのスキーマを記述します。The property determines how a column's values will be written when the WriteXml method is called on a DataSet to write the data and schema out as an XML document.